The Bodybuilding Blog has been consistently giving the much-needed insights into different muscle building exercises. On the Internet, you may often come across similar blogs, but most of them contain information that everyone already knows. Hardly do you get to learn the technical details of the exercises we want to practice.

Due to lack of information, we often continue with wrong exercises for our body that do not yield the expected results and few of us even start taking the muscle building supplements without cross verifying whether they are good enough or not. The popular fitness blog talks about two important full body exercises; Romanian Deadlift and Conventional Deadlift.

Good-Old Conventional Deadlift Can Do Wonders

Conventional deadlift is good for each and every fiber in the body and that is why it ranks higher. This is also the reason why this exercise is not as popular as it should have been, because it is difficult and very tough. Although it sounds simple because there is just one lift from the floor needed, it is certainly not simple by any means. In fact a lot goes on. Your legs press against the floor as the upper body lifts. It actually works better when the bar is placed on the floor and you are needed to stretch your hips to make the lift. Drag the weight bar up your legs and keep your arms as straight as possible because bent arms will only make you feel weaker.

Romanian Deadlifts

Romanian Deadlift has attracted a lot of debate over the years. Some say it is just a one joint exercise while some argue it is a compound exercise. As the exercise is dependent on both hip joints and knee joints, the exercise is called as multi-joint by many. On other hand, there is no actual extension or flexion in any of these joints so people also consider it as one of the isolation moves. In any case, this exercise should only be performed if you have a strong pair of legs. Keep the bar as close to your feet as possible, back should be flat, knees bent and chest should be up. Don’t look up when you are in the bent position.

The Bodybuilding Blog reveals that many bodybuilders who think they have been practicing conventional deadlift are actually doing Romanian deadlift. That may not be a bad news at all, but it certainly is not a convincing full body exercise as conventional deadlift, so if you’ve also been under the wrong impression, it’s time to open up your eyes, and know the reality.

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